Woman banned from school property after altercation at high school

Published 10:16 am Wednesday, April 26, 2017

By Eric Williams

The Orange Leader

Arlicia Gosby’s says her daughter, JaKayla Robinson, 17, is a sophomore at West Orange-Stark High School. Jakayla was involved in a fight with another student last Wednesday morning before school.

According to West Orange Police Department, administrators broke up the fight and West Orange Police was called to the school. The mother of the student who allegedly started the fight punched Robinson in the face. Gosby alleges the other student hit her daughter first and she had to defend herself.

West Orange-Cove ISD confirmed the parent who allegedly punched Robinson was a substitute teacher who works with the district. However the parent was not on the campus as a substitute teacher when the altercation took place. She was just on campus that morning and went to the scene of the fight.

West Orange Police Assistant Police Chief Romero says he’s not even sure why the mother was on campus during that time either.  Class C misdemeanor assault charge has been filed against the parent.

The victim states, the woman threw a punch after the fight which struck her in the face.

“My initial reaction and question was, I’m going to get her and how did the school let this adult connect with my child?” Gosby said.

According to West Orange Cove-CISD, “appropriate actions have been taken to ensure the safety of all students. As always, student safety is our primary concern.”

Gosby hopes the district considers not letting the substitute teacher work for the district anymore.

Now Gosby is upset she was banned from West Orange Cove- CISD property after this incident.

“All I did was went there any as any angry parent would, as you can clearly see what the other mother did. I received a letter in the mail Monday,” Gosby said.

The only message Gosby has for the mother is “You assaulted my child as an adult, you could’ve caused injury to her, and this has been going on, when it is going to stop”?

A Class C Misdemeanor charge carries up to a $500 fine in city court, which that amount is set by the judge.

The parent accused of hitting Robinson did not want to comment.