Meanwhile With Madeleine… Springtime in Paris

Published 9:59 am Wednesday, April 19, 2017

By Madeleine Fuselier

The Orange Leader


Hi there! I am a life-long Orangeite who is currently living in Paris. I am spending this year teaching English, improving my French, and exploring France (and some of its neighboring countries) before heading to college this fall. Keep reading to find out what’s been going on “Meanwhile With Madeleine.” Thanks for allowing me to share my adventures with you!


Spring has officially arrived and it’s as if Paris has transformed into a completely different city. Flowers are blooming, days are longer, and people on the streets are actually smiling (though that last one might just be due to the influx of spring breakers).

The changing of seasons has given me an excuse to explore some of the outdoor attractions that I mostly avoided in the cold winter months. One of my new favorite places to visit is the Jardin des Plants (Garden of Plants). As the name implies, the garden is filled with all kinds of beautiful flora, and right now everything is in full bloom. I wish I would have discovered it sooner, but at the same time it was amazing to see it for the first time in all its springtime glory. It’s a great place to read, and I look forward to making it a regular stop.

Here lately, the Seine has been lined with people every evening. It’s always nice to see everyone out picnicking, sharing a bottle of wine, or just chatting. I love heading down to the river bank with a friend to take it all in as the sun sets.