Dim the lights

Published 8:00 am Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Dim the lights and bring down the curtain. Lutcher Theater Director, Jim Clark, is finishing his tenure at this wonderful theater in Orange. Mr. Clark is responsible for bringing 28 years of fine shows to the Stark Foundation’s Lutcher Theater for the Performing Arts. By always selecting just the right variety of shows so that there was something for everyone during each season, he demonstrated his remarkable talent and taste in theater art. To help keep Orange from feeling like a cultural desert, Mr. Clark has provided us with a wellspring of amazing productions to dispel that image. Every cast member and musician that travels to the Lutcher Theater is overwhelmed with the existence of such a first class showcase for their talents.

He is leaving big shoes to fill but I know that the dedicated staff at the theater will be up to the challenge and will continue the legacy he will leave behind. As he takes his personal ‘show’ on the road, I wish him Godspeed and happy times ahead. Thank you, Jim!


Jeanette Boehme