Health Scores

Published 10:44 am Saturday, February 18, 2017

From staff reports


  • .Judice’s Cajun Café

2045 Texas Avenue in Bridge City

Score: 97

Demerits include defrosting crawfish and pork dressing inside container on storage shelves, vent-a-hoods need to be cleaned, floors need to be cleaned, screened back door needs repair.

  • Market Basket Deli #4

3709 North 16th Street in Orange.

Score: 98

Demerits include storage shelves need to be cleaned, latest health inspection reports not posted.

  • Ming’s Buffet

840 North Main Street in Vidor.

Score: 80

Demerits include salads out of proper temperatures, foods stored on floor in coolers/freezers, standing water inside coolers, dates needed on all products, paper towels needed at hand sink, employee drinks stored improperly, rusted storage shelves, vent-a-hood, floors, and back storage need cleaning,

  • Dollar General #11492

2500 Martin Luther King Jr. Drive in Orange.

Score: 89

Demerits include pulled dented cans and expired foods from shelves, gasket at the milk cooler damaged, spider webs in back storage area, shelves in milk/egg coolers need to be cleaned, back storage area needs to be cleaned and organized, no hot water inside restroom.

  • Fast Stop Food Store

2410 Texas Avenue in Bridge City.

Score: 96

Demerits include drinks stored on the floor inside walk-in cooler and back storage room, back storage rooms need cleaning and organized, no paper towels in employee restroom.

  • Bright Beginnings Learning Center

1023 Church Street in Vidor.

Score: 96

Demerits include no hot water in dish sinks, no thermometers inside reach-in cooler and freezers.

  • Cleven’s Southern Cookin’

9435 Hwy. 12 in Mauriceville.

Score: 99

Demerits include vent-a-hood needs to be cleaned.

  • The Donut Palace

11258 Hwy. 12 in Mauriceville.

Score: 77

Demerits include boxes of eggs sitting on floor, eggs/sausage at improper temperatures, sausage/bacon stored improperly inside coolers, raw dough stored in plastic grocery bags, plumbing needs repair, soap and paper towels needed at hand sink, standing water in coolers, using same pan liners multiple times, vent-a-hood, milk coolers, floors, walls, air vents all need to be cleaned.

  • McDonald’s #4110

1710 North 16th Street in Orange

Score: 97

Demerits include dates/times not on vegetables on serving line, coffee drink station needs to be cleaned.

  • Freeway Express

115 East Freeway in Vidor.

Score: 90

Demerits include expired foods on shelves, dates needed on all products in coolers, drinks stored on floor, paper towels required inside employee restroom.

  • Pop’s Place (The Pit Stop)

4795 North Main Street in Vidor.

Score: 91

Demerits include bags of food stored open inside reach-in freezer, door to reach-in freezer damaged, defrosting boudin balls and raw chicken on top of the counter, area around grill/fryers needs cleaning.

  • Step –N-Go

234 South Main Street in Vidor.

Score: 90

Demerits include expired foods on shelves, ice scoop on top of ice machine, standing water inside reach-in cooler, damaged/missing ceiling tiles, missing floor tiles in back storage area, first aid kit needed.

  • Super Star Food Mart

420 South Main Street in Vidor.

Score: 85

Demerits include expired foods on shelves, no hot water inside employee restroom, insulation exposed in ice machine, dates needed on all products inside reach-in cooler, paper towels needed in employee restroom, hole in wall in back storage area, spider webs found.

  • Smokers Express

1050 16th Street in Orange.

Score: 95

Demerits include mold found on slushi machines, back storage are needs cleaning, repair/replace all broken or unused equipment in back storage area.

  • Chevron Foodmart

2323 Lutcher Drive in Orange.

Score: 94

Demerits include cappuccino machine needs to be cleaned, no hot water and paper towels inside employee restroom, reseal bottom of back door.