Published 9:39 am Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Editor’s note: Courtney Zetar posted this speech on his Facebook page as the speech he would have given if he was presented with an award at the MLK Gala Saturday night. He graciously allowed The Orange Leader to reprint it here.

Our city is known for alot, 4x state champs, and great athletes like Earl Thomas and Kevin smith.

But we are also known for having a 4 yr old girl who was kidnapped, raped, and murdered. This is a stain, a scare, and a major blemish on our city.

I’m talking about Dannarriah Finley. It’s been almost 15 yrs and will still have no answers.

There are alot of important people here tonight. And you get to go home to family and have Christmas and birthdays.

And you probably don’t think about her as much as I do. But I think about her everyday. She is the thing1st on my mind in the mourning and the last thing on my mind when I go to bed.

I’m working on a film about her but this is not about that She doesn’t need a film, she doesn’t need time or money, what Dannarriah Finley deserves is justice.

A lot of you in here fight for other important things. We fight for buildings, some of you fight for votes, but after tonight I encourage you you to fight for Dannarriah Finley. Thank u and God bless. #fight4her

Courtney Zetar