Combs children want answers

Published 7:27 am Wednesday, January 11, 2017

By Dawn Burleigh

The Orange Leader


Over a month since Christie Lynn Combs, also known as CC, was found in Louisiana, her children are still waiting for answers.

In a statement released by her children, they said they are not giving up on finiding answers as to what happened to their mother.

“We will continue to put my mothers name and face out there until we get the answers we deserve. We’re just four kids who now have to graduate, start college, get married and begin the rest of our lives without our mommy. Life will never be the same for us again. She was our motivator and our personal cheer leader. She loved with all she had in her. She was a kind, loving and generous woman. Someone took her from us and we want to know who and why?” the statement reads.

Combs children, ranging from 15-26 years old, have been searching for her since June. Her last known location was at a residence located on Boondocks Road in Fannett, Texas, in late June or early July. She was officially reported missing in September.

Her body was found wrapped in carpet and was discovered by workers.

At this time, jurisdiction for the investigation has not been determined.

“You helped us once by letting us post our flyers and by passing them around. Now we need your help to catch the person or persons responsible for her death. We need closure and she deserves to receive justice. She may be gone but she will never be forgotten. If you have any information please come forward with it,” her children also said in the statement.