Health Scores

Published 6:11 pm Saturday, May 7, 2016

By Dawn Burleigh


Weinerschnitzel Hot Dogs, 2420 MacArthur Drive in Orange, received a health score of 83 during a recent routine health code inspection. Demerits included hot dogs found at unsafe temperatures, hair restraints needed, improper jewelry and poor cleaning as several areas were in need of being cleaned of old foods and dirt.


Other Scores:

  • 7-Eleven

527 Hwy. 87 South, Orange

Score: 91

Demerits included mold and slime found in both ice machines, and floors throughout in need of being cleaned of old foods.

  • Walgreen’s #03081

1408 16th Street, Orange
Score: 99

Demerits were for the floors inside the walk-in cooler needed to be cleaned of trash.

  • LaCatina Mexican Grill

2709 MacArthur Drive, Orange
Score: 94

Demerits included for raw meats stored above raw vegetables inside the reach-in cooler. The report noted the restaurant was found to improved on food safety practices and cleaning.

  • Family Dollar Store #9137

1301 North 16th Street, Orange
Score: 96

Demerits included three carts of expired foods on the sales floor, storage racks inside the reach-in cooler found with black mold in need of being cleaned and sanitized.

  • Whataburger #819

1905 Texas Ave., Bridge City

Score: 96

Demerits included mold found inside the ice machine.

  • HEB Pantry #035

2424 16th Street, Orange
Score: 91

Demerits included the need to clean the raw vegetable cooler more often, and the need to repair reach-in freezers on the sales floor.

  • Shipley Donuts

2913 MacArthur Drive, Orange
Score: 96

Demerits include employee drinks found inside reach-in cooler/freezer, buckets of donut filling and flour found stored on the floor, reusing the same pan liner to bake several batches of kolaches and more general cleaning needed daily as well as the need to clean and organize the back storage area.

  • Crawdad’s #8 Store

4080 Interstate 10 West, Orange

Score: 96

Demerits include several expired food items on the shelves, and the need to store all food products at least six-inches off the floor inside the walk-in cooler and back storage area.

  • Moz Grill/ Crawdad’s #8

4080 Interstate 10 West, Orange

Score: 99

Demerits included the vent-a-hood in need of being cleaned of old grease.

  • Sonic Drive-In #1214

2805 MacArthur Drive, Orange
Score: 95

Demerits included chicken strips found being stored on top of container lid out in open without being covered.

  • Jack in the Box #4718

1315 North Main Street, Vidor

Score: 87

Demerits included paper towels for hand washing station found outside the dispenser, several damaged or broken food containers inside the reach-in coolers and freezers, and improper jewelry on several employees. The report notes more general cleaning is required at the location and the score does not accurately reflect the store.

  • McDonald’s #3325

765 North Main Street, Vidor

Score: 96

Demerits included more general cleaning needed at the location.

  • Dollar Tree #5972

2013 Texas Ave., Bridge City

Score: 97

Demerits were for several dented cans found on the shelves.

  • Romano’s 8.31 Italian

995 West Roundbunch Road, Bridge City

Score: 92

Demerits were for ice scoops improperly stored, and dates needed on all products inside the reach-in cooler and freezers.