“In God We Trust” Decals Placed on City of Lake Charles Vehicles

Published 9:21 am Monday, January 4, 2016

The national motto of “In God We Trust” will be placed on roughly 200 City vehicles, after an ordinance was unanimously passed by the Lake Charles City Council earlier this year.

Adopted on November 4, 2015, Ordinance No. 17408 authorized the City to implement a policy providing for the issuance of decals to be affixed to City owned vehicles and signs on City buildings displaying the national motto.

Funding for the decals will come strictly from donations. According to Finance Director Karen Harrell, $250 has been received by the City so far to purchase the decals. No taxpayer funds will be used.

As donated funds become available, decals will be purchased and first applied to all City vehicles, including those operated by Police, Fire and Public Works employees. After decals are purchased for the City vehicles, the decals will be made available to the public at no cost on a first-come, first-served basis.