Nativity scene a tradition

Published 8:03 am Saturday, December 19, 2015

The Nativity scene on Orange City Hall property was a tradition and sign of a glorious Christmas Season.

This year a person or two from the O.C. Atheists desired to also include one of their signs. The City rightfully refused this request. The atheists did not demand that the City remove this Nativity scene nor did they threaten to sue for removal.

The City, however, feared the legal costs associated with defending this Nativity scene. They caved in without a fight or checking on support.

Jim Sharon Beardon, a local lawyer, offered his services free to defend putting this Nativity scene back up. Also support from Houston and Austin has been offered. I will donate to this fund and stand up with a “bucket” requesting donation for these possible fees.

I believe this Mayor, City Manager, and Council are good Christians, but made a quick, stupid decision.

I don’t know how many atheists there are in Orange County, but hope they all would fit into a VW Bug.

O.C. Judge Stephen Brint Carlton, was not requested to remove the Nativity scene from the County Court House. I believe he and the County Court would have had a little more backbone on this request.

I want to proclaim my family, Church, organizations or any individual had no influence on this editorial. These are my thought – 100% alone. Merry Christmas!

P.S. I just hope the atheists don’t request No Easter Egg Huts in Orange.

Bill Belcher

Orange County Resident for 33 years