Multiple Vehicle Crash on Interstate Leads to Tragic Death

Published 12:55 pm Monday, December 7, 2015

At approximately 5:20am, Saturday, there was a multiple vehicle crash on Interstate 10 at the Neches River Bridge.  The crash occurred in the outside westbound lane of Interstate 10 in Orange County.

A passenger vehicle was stalled in the outside westbound lane of Interstate 10 on the Neches River Bridge.  A work van was traveling in the outside westbound traffic lane on Interstate 10 and slowed down to avoid colliding with the disabled vehicle.  As the work van slowed down, it was struck from behind by a Chevrolet pickup truck.  Immediately after the crash, the drivers and passenger of the work van and pickup truck got out of their vehicles fearing that they would be struck by secondary collision.  All three (3) men climbed over the construction railing; however, the driver of the work van fell about 50 feet and died.

Troopers continue to work the traffic collision.  Since the death was not a direct result of the crash, Orange County officials will be conducting that part of the investigation.