Blessed to be loved

Published 12:44 pm Friday, October 9, 2015

St. Mary Catholic School received 60 homemade rosaries from Mabel Landry who is 90 years old from Jennings, Louisiana.  Landry received word that St. Mary Catholic School held a children’s rosary which is led by children only every Friday morning before school.  This rosary is guided by Dayle Gunn Weatherford.  Each student leads a decade of the rosary and the following prayers.  Mrs. Landry was honored to hear that the school was teaching the students the process and meaning of saying the rosary and began working hard on making them.  The rosaries are all different colors and very beautiful.  Landry calls her rosaries “the stairway to Heaven”.  Landry stated “they look like stairs and every time you pray on one bead and reach for the next one, you are that much closer to Heaven”.  Students were excited to receive the rosaries.