(Orange, Texas)

May 22, 2013

Gnats, dead roaches lower score for Senor Toro

Dawn Burleigh
The Orange Leader

ORANGE — Senor Toro Mexican Restaurant located at 2308 Lutcher Drive in Orange, received a 70 out of a possible 100 during a recent health code inspection. The demerits are for cooling rice/sauce on top of the counter, cheese enchiladas, rice and shredded cheese at unsafe temperatures, storing food on the floor in the walk-in coolers, a cooler in the kitchen not keeping proper temperature, towels needed at the hand-washing sink, several gnats and dead roaches found, and several ‘clean’ dishes found to still have old foods on them. The dishes were pulled to be rewashed.

Other scores include:

• Kim’s Donut Palace located at 3041 Highway 12 in Vidor. Score: 96. Demerits are for a child found in the back prep area.

• Nolan Food Store located at 585 Interstate 10 West in Vidor. Score: 90. Demerits are for storing raw beef above drinks inside a walk-in cooler, reach-in cooler was not at proper temperatures, and several gnats were found.

• Little Ceasar’s Pizza located at 3715 North 16th Street in Orange. Score: 90. Demerits are for several areas in need of repair. The report includes a note of a plumber was at the restaurant the day of inspection and a follow-up inspection would be needed.

• Avila’s Mexican Restaurant located at 2615 Western Ave. in West Orange. Score: 92. Demerits are for in need of dating and labeling all food inside coolers and freezers and for  storing raw beef on top shelf of the reach-in cooler.

• Wendy’s #50 located at 3113 Edgar Brown Drive in Orange. Score: 97. Demerits are for several gnats found near the prep station.

• Popeye’s Chicken #2873 located at 1604 West Link Street in Orange. Score: 97. Demerits are for several gnats found in the back storage area.

The following locations had zero violations and received a perfect score of 100:

• Suzie’s Concessions located at 985 North Main Street in Vidor.

• Kid’s and Company located at 4034 West Park Ave.. in Orange.

• Star and Crescent Moon located at 2201 West Park Ave. in Orange.