(Orange, Texas)

June 15, 2013

Father of four celebrates every milestone

Dawn Burleigh
The Orange Leader


There is a saying that any man can be a father, but it takes someone special to be a dad.

Larry David proved that four-times over with his children. David has four children, a son, 37, a daughter 32, a step-son 36 and a step-daughter 32.

David said it took some adjusting to becoming a blended family.

“The boys were teenagers and the girls were 12,” David said. “We saw a counselor to try and open up.”

David said, with a laugh, that the only one talking was his step-daughter because the rest were so quiet.

“I am sure it helped,” David said. “But it was not an immediate result.”

David said it is important to learn to work together and to find common grounds with the children. 

“If two like to cook, let them cook dinner one night,” David said. “They will learn to work together.”

The three greatest joys in David’s life were the birth’s of his three granddaughters now 13, 10 and 5.

“It the next generation, here it comes,” David said.

A tradition in the David family is reading greeting cards aloud. Each holiday, birthday or milestone, the person receiving the card reads the card aloud so everyone can hear.

“Those moments create strength,” Jenny Kay, David’s daughter, said. “Sometimes we cry. Those moments are important.”

David said everybody is too busy with other things these days.

“Honesty and communication leads to happiness in the family,” David said. “We need to make time to spend times with each other. We need to be there for dinner.”

David also said for many there is not a lot of family time.