(Orange, Texas)

August 12, 2013

Donut shop caught storing dough inside laundry detergent buckets

Dawn Burleigh
The Orange Leader

VIDOR — Happy Donuts located at 1081 North Main Street in Vidor received numerous demerits for health code non-compliance during a recent inspection resulting in the business receiving a 73 out of a possible 100. The establishment was noted as having sausage, egg and boudain at improper temperatures, using the same pan liner multiple times for kolaches, storing boudain inside grocery bags without putting inside containers, storing dough inside laundry detergent buckets, no hot water in the restroom, and a cooler motor dripping water into pans inside the cooler with kolaches stored underneath the pans. The report notes the shop was informed the dough inside the laundry detergent buckets was in need of being disposed.

Other scores include:

• Church’s Chicken

1322 16th Street


Score: 87

Demerits are for employees drinks found on the prep table without a lid or straw and an open bag of chips found on the prep table, an employee with artificial nails, soap needed in the restroom and several flies found throughout.

• Market Basket Deli #46

800 North Main Street


Score: 97

• Market Basket #46

800 North Main Street


Score: 90

Demerits are for several expired items on the shelves and gnats found in produce.

• Little Ceasar’s Pizza

866 North Main Street


Score: 93

Demerits are for the need of hair restraints, employee drinks found mixed with foods for public sale, and several areas in need of being cleaned of old foods.

• Happy Donuts

985 West Roundbunch Road

Bridge City

Score: 92

Demerits are for mice feces found on top of storage equipment and sausage and eggs found at improper temperatures.

• Pinehurst BBQ and Steak

2100 Texas Avenue

Bridge City

Score: 90

Demerits are for the need to cover foods inside the walk-in cooler, ice scoop found sitting on top of raw onions, scoop used for spices in need of being cleaned of old build-up and storage racks in need of being replaced due to rust.

The following location had zero violations and received a perfect score of 100:

• Texaco Food Mart

695 North Main Street


• Old Orange Cafe

914 West Division Street


• Pilot Travel Center #431

2205 Hwy. 62