(Orange, Texas)

April 7, 2013

Book Review: The Gift

Dawn Burleigh
The Orange Leader

WEST ORANGE — Mike Trahan was given a gift at a young age: The love of flying.

One must start at the beginning to understand the desire and obstacles Trahan faced during the journey of reaching his dream.

The Gift written by Mike Trahan takes one through the experience showing the good and bad along the way.

Trahan does not avoid moments in the autobiography that might show him in an unkind light.

“Some memories were painful,” Trahan said. “Such as a game at Ole Miss. The coach telling me ‘You can’t chicken out son’ colored the rest of my life.”

Trahan is known for being a friendly person who can ‘spin a yarn’.

“I write shirt blurbs on Facebook,” Trahan said, “People would tell me I need to write a book.”

The Gift is not Trahan’s first venture in composing words. He wrote for a weekly newspaper, The Corsican Times for 45 years and published in flying magazines over the years.

“I have always enjoyed writing,” Trahan said. “From about 2 a.m. until daybreak is when I do most of my writing.”

The Gift is told as if one is talking with an old friend. The books gives insight to the drive and determination one young man had to learn to fly and serve in the United States Airforce. The journey was not smooth or easy.

One will come to understand three important aspects of Trahan’s life: Faith, family and flying.

“God’s hand has been on my shoulder all my life,” Trahan said.

The Gift, 485 pages, published by Createspace Independent Publishing Platform in 2013 is the first of a trilogy.

The book offers inspiration to those still struggling to reach their dreams.

The book is available at