(Orange, Texas)

August 18, 2013

Health Scores

Dawn Burleigh
The Orange Leader

BRIDGE CITY — Sausage and boudain were found at unsafe temperatures at The Donut Palace located at 1875 Texas Avenue in Bridge City during a recent health inspection. The violations lead to the restaurant to receive an 88 out of a possible 100. The establishment was noted for demerits for using the same pan liner multiple times for kolaches as well as needing to clean floors, walls and equipment of old foods.

Other scores include:

• Brookshire Brothers - Deli

1380 North Main Street


Score: 97

• Brookshire Brothers #270

1380 North Main Street


Score: 97

• Kajun Seafood and Wing II

1102 Park Avenue


Score: 90

Demerits are for several dead crawfish behind equipment throughout, the need to cover all foods inside the reach-in coolers, several areas in the kitchen and food prep area in need of being cleaned.

• Sunrise Donuts

2830 Western Avenue #B

West Orange

Score: 95

Demerits are for sausage and eggs at unsafe temperatures.

• Romano’s 8.31 Italian Restaurant

1201 North 16th Street


Score: 94

Demerits are for soap and towels needed at the hand-washing station.

• Veteran’s Grocery

1900 Dupont Drive


Score: 93

Demerits are for no running water found inside the store and lack of a proper hand-washing sink.

• Carl’s Jr.

288 Strickland Drive


Score: 94

Demerits are for a freezer door not closing properly and floors inside a walk-in freezer in need of being cleaned due to food and ice buildup on the floor.

• Burkhart’s Marina

1802 Mississippi Street


Score: 97

Demerits are for dead roaches in the kitchen area.

The following location had zero violations and received a perfect score of 100:

• The Jumping Bean

7174 Hwy. 87 North

Little Cypress

• Walmart #457

1350 North Main Street


• Exxon Food Mart #2

6892 FM 1130


• Bridge City Pizza

2198 Texas Avenue

Bridge City