(Orange, Texas)

April 26, 2013

Daughter turns in pot-growing dad

CNHI News Service
The Orange Leader

LAWRENCE, Mass. — The Daily Dot, an online newspaper, dubbed Kyle Thomas Berry, 40,  Auburn, N.H., "America's dumbest weed grower" in January for demonstrating on 35 YouTube videos how to manfacture marijuana in the privacy of your home.

And his daughter might well agree. She allowed him to move into her home in Lawrence, Mass., after he posted bail on New Hampshire charges, with the understanding he straighten out his weed-wacky ways.

But when she tried to inspect his bedroom, he resisted, leading her to suspect he was up to no good. She called police to check the room and, alas, they found 16 pot plants nutured by heart lamps, high-intensity lights and fans.

Police arrested Berry on the spot, charging him with manufacturing marijuana even though he insisted the operation was legal because he had a medical prescription to grow pot.

The daugher told police about his earlier arrest in New Hampshire, saying her father posted "numerous videos of himself on YouTube showing how to grow marijuana in house." She also said it was "very embarrassing for the family because it made national news."

Details for this story were provided by The Eagle-Tribune, North Andover, Mass.