(Orange, Texas)

July 2, 2013

What To Do With a Flag Unsuitable for Flying

Special to The Leader
The Orange Leader

AUSTIN, Texas — As Texans prepare to celebrate the Fourth of July, the "Stars and Stripes" will fly across the state - but for some of those flags, it may be time for a replacement. Perry Jefferies, manager, TexVet initiative, said if your flag is tattered, torn, faded or frayed, you should take it to a local veterans group for the proper disposal.

"Because it's not convenient for a lot of people, generally you can take it to a local VFW and they work with Boy Scout troops to dispose of flags properly," he said.

Under the U.S. Flag Code, the flags are disposed of in a ceremony through burning. For flags that are dirty or have small tears, washing is appropriate, and it is also acceptable to make minor repairs.

Jefferies said for himself and other veterans who deployed to fight for our country, he knows how important the flag is as a symbol for our nation.

"When you look at the flag, you don't just see the freedoms that we defend every day, but you also see your comrades that may have sacrificed all for that flag," Jefferies explained. "And I see a positive national spirit that is one we want to encourage, that says 'There's a positive day ahead for the country.'"

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