(Orange, Texas)

October 2, 2013

Recycling available at OC Collection Site

Dawn Burleigh
The Orange Leader

ORANGE — Residents are not taking advantage of the recycling aspect of the Orange County Collection Site.

The site started a new program June 1, 2013 requiring the need for a sticker to prove residency in the county and a fee for charging for disposal of waste.

“The stickers and passes will not be sold at the Collection Site,” County Engineer Clark Slacum said. “There are no funds at the site.”

There is no need for a sticker for those solely using the recycle portion of the site.

“The biggest thing about the stickers is that it speeds things up,” Slacum said. “With the sticker you only have to write down your address once when you get it. Without the sticker you have to write it each time you visit the site. So the stickers do make things quicker.”

The collection site accepts cardboard, paper, plastic and metal cans for recycling. The items do not have to be separated as commonly believed.

“I bet a lot more people would take advantage of the recycling if the knew they could put it all in one bag,” Jerry Wilson of Orange said. “That makes it so much easier.”

Slacum said the site has also seen less participation since the sticker program was implemented.

“We were seeing 200-300 a day,” Slacum said. “Now we see approximately 122 a day.”

Slacum said the people are not taking advantage of the opportunity to recycle.

“People think that if they throw it on the side of the road, it does not cost them.” Slacum said. “The county has to pay to pick the trash up. That is more that could be used for other things.”

The annual window stickers are $5 and disposal passes are $20. They can be  purchased at the Road and Bridge Office and at the Tax Office in Orange and Vidor. The stickers and passes are half price for citizens 65 and older.

The site is open Wednesday and Saturdays.