(Orange, Texas)

June 8, 2013

Vidor Public Library offers amnesty on late items

Tommy Mann Jr.
The Orange Leader

VIDOR — The Vidor Public Library is in a forgiving mode right now.

The Vidor Public Library has created an amnesty program in hopes of getting library patrons to turn in some long overdue items, which not only includes books, but DVD’s as well. This program is only a temporary effort by library staff and will conclude on Friday, June 28.

“We are doing this as a way to maybe get people to come back to the library,” said librarian Colette Turner. “The summer reading program may be the only time some of these people visit the library. If they have some books or DVDs from last summer that are overdue, they may not feel comfortable bringing their kids back for the summer reading program, and we don’t want that to happen.”

Vidor Public Library patrons who are currently in possession of overdue books or DVD’s are eligible for the amnesty program. Items which are late may be turned in to the library staff and all fees will be waived.

Patrons who have not paid fines for previous overdue books which have already been turned in to the library are not eligible for the program.

“If you have already turned in your book or DVD, but you never paid the fine, then the fine must still be paid,” Turner said. “We are willing to work out a payment plan with anyone.”

Turner said all overdue books and DVD’s must be in good condition to qualify for the amnesty program.

Call the Vidor Public Library at 409-769-7148 for more information.