(Orange, Texas)

November 18, 2012

Area students interview on Academy Day

Tommy Mann Jr.
The Orange Leader

ORANGE — U.S. Representative Kevin Brady returned to Southeast Texas on Nov. 10 to meet with several students on Academy Day. Academy Day is when students who have applied for nominations to military service academies are interviewed by a Community Board that makes nomination suggestions to Congressman Brady. Students who participated in the interview process are, from left to right, Troy Gilbeaux, LC-M High School graduate, U.S. Naval Academy applicant; Zoe Casteel, LC-M High School senior, U.S. Air Force Academy applicant; Colby Sciarrilla, Vidor High School senior, U.S. Naval Academy applicant; Congress Kevin Brady; Caleb Bickham, LC-M High School senior, West Point applicant; and Justin Wedel Vidor High School senior, West Point applicant.