(Orange, Texas)

February 11, 2013

Orange County concluded divorce proceedings 01.12.13

Staff reports
The Orange Leader

ORANGE — Divorces

The following divorces were reported by the office of Vickie Edgerly, Orange County District Clerk, for the week of Jan. 19-25, 2013:

Joseph T. Ragen and Shay M. Ragen;

Paul T. Fafard Jr. and Patricia L. McCoy;

Rebecca D. Clear and Christopher L. Clear;

John H. Castle and Ella M. Castle;

Ltawnya B. Brumfeild and Albert L. Brumfeild;

Vera K. Baxter and Stephen R. Baxter;

Giovanni G. Netto and Haley R. Mudd;

Christie Lapoint and Jerrod Lapoint;

Judith A. Gordon and John R. Gordon;

Ralph P. Cote and Connie G. Cote;

Cheryl Valencia and Dave Valencia.