(Orange, Texas)

March 2, 2013

An act of humility

John Warren
The Orange Leader

ORANGE — Two ladies from Conroe and Brenham stopped by the church office today.  They were in Orange to look around at the town where they had grown up.  They wanted to look in the church where they had spent hours as a teen and eventually married their husbands.  One noted that she had been Baptist but found it too much fun to come dancing at Tow Inn.  Tow Inn and its juke box must have had a great influence on many people in those days.

It is amazing what changes people's lives.  The building and facilities were just the tools of a group of caring adults, used to reach the teens of that day. Sometimes it's a group of caring adults who want to make their church available to the teenagers of the city that opens the door for them to explore things more important in life; like a faith in Jesus Christ.  

Every Wednesday evening a group of adults, myself and our Christian Education Director, Allisha Bonneaux meet with a group of youth who are exploring for themselves what it means to be a Christian.  Our class talks about spiritual gifts and sacraments and many other things.  This past week we met in a very special place in the church, an upper room that is absolutely beautiful because one whole wall of the room is made up of stained glass windows.  I had a table set out, and candles throughout the room.  We discussed Jesus' night with his disciples, where they celebrated The Passover.  But to the disciples' amazement, Jesus changed the familiar ritual they had known all their lives; telling them that from now on when they break the bread and drink the wine, they are to remember him, that these things are his body and blood.  Because Jesus did this and told his followers to do the same in the church it is called a sacrament, a holy thing that we do as well.  

Then I continued the story of how Jesus then took a towel and a basin of water and stooped to wash his disciples' feet.  Jesus did this and he also said that we too ought to serve one another in such a way.  The question arose is this a sacrament too?  Good question!  Jesus' discussion with the disciples here is more an illustration of how we are to act and treat one another.  The act was not done that we would literally continue that act, but that we would continue in the humble way that this act shows we should treat one another.  That our master would stoop to serve us then we should humble ourselves and serve one another.  In a world of me, me, me I have found that a little humility will go a long way.