(Orange, Texas)

March 16, 2013

Character a cool shade tree

Demetrius E. Moffett
The Orange Leader

ORANGE — Abraham Lincoln said, “Reputation is the shadow. Character is the tree.”

Our character is much more than just what we try to display for others to see, it is who we are even when no one is watching. Good character is doing the right thing because it is right to do. The dictionary defines character as a complex of mental and ethical traits and that those traits, or qualities, are built into an individual’s life. It is those character qualities, those character traits that determine a person’s response in any given situation. We intuitively recognize the truth that everyone has character and we distinguish between good and bad character.

When looking to build any structure the foundation is vital to the stability of that structure. In building a structure of manhood I believe that character is that foundation upon which a strong structure of manhood is constructed. It is the strength of a man’s character that helps him to with stand the storms of life. How does our character handle being in the lime light, when the curtain is opened and the stage lights come on, will we be performing according to the script written?

A male can talk a script, but can he write a script.

Not only can a man write a script, he can read what he wrote.

The character of a male is one that is truly illiterate.

It’s a dangerous thing for a male to think he’s a man when the reputation of his character clearly shadows that of illiteracy. I’m not talking concerning his scholastic education; I’m speaking of his moral, social and spiritual education.

Our shadow only appears when light is being shined in our direction and there are too many educated illiterate reputations thinking that there character is that of a skyscraper when their shadow reflects that of an outhouse.  God is in the rehab business and is looking for work.

God works pro bono. He’s just looking for a foundation to rebuild on.

Is your reputation and character in agreement? Does your reputation confirm the type of structure/character you’re trying to build? I know a great carpenter who can work wonders. He can take what society calls pitiful and make it priceless, a mess and make a masterpiece. What type of tree are you cultivating? Who would want to find refreshment under your branches?

Reputation, character, let’s build a forest of strong men!!!!!!