(Orange, Texas)

March 2, 2013

Qualified and certified

Demetrius E. Moffett
The Orange Leader

ORANGE — When we need work done to our vehicles what goes into our decision? Is it cost? Is it location? Do they have to be certified or are you okay with the local shade tree? When it comes to the position of leadership in our family, in our relationships what do we consider? There are several specimens that believe that they are men but are really shade tree males. True, what is real to someone is real to them even though it may not be reality. It’s not to say that the shade tree mechanic is not a good mechanic, it just raises the question that if he is this good why not get certified. Being certified gives him the right to charge a little more for his services. What will really get him to the level of certification? “Training.” Just as for the mechanic the same is true for the male to man. To move from being a shade tree male to a certified man is training, something that too many specimens don’t want to go through. A shade tree male just like the mechanic is a hustler. He has to hustle to get work; a shade tree male has to hustle to get a female. But when you are certified your work and reputation speaks for you. Although women are not to choose but to be chosen, they need to be aware of what and who it is that is seeking to choose them. Too many ladies have accepted being chosen by a shade tree thinking they’ve accepted certification, only to find when you have a problem that your shade tree is not certified to handle it. Understand every certified mechanic as well as man address each concern and maintenance issue by the “Book.” Shade trees operate by experience or hit and miss. Can your emotions withstand a shade tree experience? A certified man is not only trained by the “Book” he operates by the “Book.” In the “Book” it gives him step by step instruction on how to deal with each and every issue that may arise. It just makes sense, when working on the man why not consult the manual provided by the man-ufacturer. Ladies what are you dealing with? Fellows, are you a shade tree or are you certified? Are you obeying the “Book” or operating off the cuff?