(Orange, Texas)

March 29, 2013

Trinity Baptist Church Easter events

Special to The Leader
The Orange Leader

ORANGE — A Maundy Thursday Service will be held at Trinity Baptist Church of Orange on Thursday, March 28th at 6 PM.  Dr. Bob Webb, Pastor of Trinity Baptist Church will conduct the service which will include prayer, Scripture reading and The Last Supper Communion.  Dr. Webb wishes to invite the community to attend the Maundy Thursday Service.

Maundy Thursday is a Christian observance around the world. It is the day before Good Friday and commemorates Jesus Christ’s last supper with the Apostles and the initiation of Communion observed in many Christian churches.  Maundy Thursday is a public holiday in a number of countries.  

On March 17th, Trinity Baptist Church started the celebration of Easter with the placement of prayer cards on the cross, on March 24th palm branches were placed on the cross and this Easter Sunday members and guest are encouraged to bring flowers to place on the cross.

The church’s activities for Easter are to remind both children and adults of what Easter is all about.  Everyone is invited to join Trinity Baptist Church for our Maundy Thursday Service and at 11 AM on Sunday for our Easter Service.  The church is located at 1408 W. Park Avenue and 14th Street.