(Orange, Texas)

June 8, 2013


John Warren
The Orange Leader

ORANGE — I go on hospital visits when church members are ill or when a loved one is having surgery. I will go and pray with them and often sit with the family as they await the outcome of the surgery.  

Today upon leaving St. Elizabeth’s Hospital in Beaumont, just after I passed through the doors onto the walkway leading to the parking garage, I saw a pink rose on the ground.  I bent down and picked it up.  Not long after that I saw another flower and I picked it up also.   This one had a metal spike that a florist had attached.  

A moment later I saw ahead of me a man hand a woman a flower.  The woman was loaded down with stuff.  In one hand she carried a clear plastic bag with clothing and belongings in it, in her other hand she carried a balloon with “Get Well” written on it, a purse and a shopping bag with various things poking out including flowers.  The same type of flowers I had been picking up.  She was still ahead of me so I continued walking realizing that I would catch up to her and then I would give her the flowers and offer to help.  But as I was walking I met two separate women who upon meeting me gave me a stern look.  When I saw the first one I though, “She must be having a bad day.”  Then when I saw the second woman give me a scowl, I realized that they thought that I was with the woman carrying all the stuff and all I was carrying was a couple of flowers!  

When I caught up to the woman I gave her the flowers and offered to help carry something, which she refused.  I then explained the looks I had gotten from the two passersby and we had a good laugh.  She didn’t allow me to help her in a physical way but we shared a light hearted break.  

Assumptions can lead you down the wrong path.  But a smile with brighten the way every time.  If we as Christians hold within our beings the light of Christ, then let that light shine.  A smile is a wonderful thing that cost us nothing to share.  “A cheerful look brings joy to the heart, and good news gives faith to the bones.”  Proverbs 15:30