(Orange, Texas)

August 3, 2013

Developement or Destruction

Demetrius E. Moffett
The Orange Leader


Have you ever found yourself sitting at home trying to figure out what you were going to do? It’s not good to be alone. 

God makes this profound statement concerning Adam. Although he had company he had no companion. Being alone can be a place that can drive some people crazy. Being alone can either be a place of isolation or solitude. Isolation is a highway to the danger zone, a place where the mind can begin to play crazy games. We will find ourselves thinking about things that happen or could happen, things that are not in our best interest. In marriages isolation can breed dangerous thoughts that will lead to marital annihilation. The crazy part of this is that this is all self-inflicted. The enemy has not contributed at all. James (1:14) lets us know that we are all tempted when we are drawn away by our “own” lust and enticed. 

Isolation can cause us to entertain those who we know we should not just to satisfy our need for company verses companionship. Not to be deceived, Satan will orchestrate that phone call or text message from our past during our time of isolation to help lead us to annihilation. We must be extremely careful in our times of isolation that it does not lead to our annihilation. Don’t isolated, insulate. Jesus shows us the best way to insulate against the illness of isolation. When Jesus secluded himself it was first by choice. Next He made communing with God His focal point for the purpose of cultivating His attitude. Like Jesus during solitude we won’t allow for our minds to run wild we’ll give direction. There will be a specific point of thought that we can concentrate on, mainly our areas of shortcomings and weakness. It’s been said an idle mind is the devil’s workshop. We all need time of solitude and seclusion to commune with God. Focus our minds on seeking His face and the plan for our lives. If we look to spend more time in solitude we will find ourselves spending less time isolated especially in a crowded room. Solitude and seclusion cultivates a healthy spirit. Isolation or Solitude it’s our choice what we do with our time. Please don’t allow for isolation to become annihilation, allow solitude to cultivate a Godly attitude. Development or Destruction what is your “ALONE” time being used for?