(Orange, Texas)

May 31, 2013

Orange County Sheriff’s Office Beat May 8 - 14, 2013

Cody Edgerton
The Orange Leader

ORANGE — The Orange County Sheriff’s Office responded to the following calls from May 8 - 14, 2013:

Wednesday, May 8

• Assault at the 600 block of Strickland in Orange. The actual assault occurred at the 1500 block of Cheyenne in Vidor.

• Burglary at the 7500 block of Highway 12 in Vidor. Several items valued at approximately $15,000 were reported as stolen.

• Welfare concern at the 400 block of West Freeway Blvd. in Vidor. A female was arrested for public intoxication.

• Burglary at the 200 block of Strapper Street in Bridge City.

Thursday, May 9

• Burglary at the 4300 block of Claire Road in Vidor.

• Burglary at the 400 block of Tennyson Drive in Orange.

• Harassment near South Main and Mansfield Ferry Road in Vidor.

• Theft at the 1400 block of Buckhorn Street in Vidor.

Friday, May 10

• Burglary at the 9400 block of Highway 87 in Orange.

• Assault at the 5600 block of North Main Street in Vidor.

• Traffic at the 9500 block of Highway 105 in Orange. A woman was arrested for possession of a controlled substance.

• Assault at the 11400 block of Old Highway 62 in Orange. A woman reported her child was assaulted on the school bus.

• Suspicious vehicle at the 3900 block of Barnhill Street in Vidor.

• Disturbance at the 5100 block of Turner Road in Orange. A caller reported 20 males in the roadway about to fight.

• Assault at the 900 block of West Freeway Blvd. in Vidor.

Saturday, May 11

• Search in the area of Highway 105 and Tram Road in Vidor. A woman reported her children taken without her consent. The children were located and returned their mother.

• Welfare concern at the 6000 block of Williamson Road in Mauriceville. A woman was arrested on unrelated warrants.

Sunday, May 12

• Assault at the 8900 block of Kristi Lane in Orange.

• Disorderly conduct at Claiborne Park in Vidor. A female was arrest.

• Theft at the 15400 block of Highway 62 in Orange. A man reported his guns as stolen.

• Disturbance at the 7200 block of Highway 87 in Orange.

Monday, May 13

• Burglary at the 6600 block oh Interstate 10 West in Orange.

• Theft at the 4100 block of Main Street in Vidor.

• Burglary at the 6200 block of Rebel Road in Vidor.

• Suspicious vehicle at the 6400 block of Sagebrush in Orange.

Tuesday, May 14

• Criminal mischief at the 3200 block of Lawn Oak Drive in Orange.

• Theft at the 2200 block of Florence Street in Orange in reference to a theft of a firearm.

• Disturbance at the 800 block of East Roundbunch Road in Orange.

Source: Orange County Sheriff’s Office