(Orange, Texas)

September 29, 2012

Moore explores God’s Outdoors

Special to The Leader
The Orange Leader

ORANGE — October marks 20 years of Chester Moore’s career in the outdoors business and he is celebrating it in unique way. He is going on a new adventure.

“If anyone really knows anything about me, they know I love the outdoors but I love the Lord even more. I have been blessed to find a unique way to bring both of those passions together,” Moore said.

On Monday, Oct. 1, he debuts a new WebTV series “God’s Outdoors with Chester Moore” at

It is a unique journey into wild lands with wild creatures but with a unique focus.

“I gave my life to Christ when I was nine years old at Cove Baptist Church at Vacation Bible School but like many I walked away from it over the years. Nine years ago I rededicated my life to Him and the first thing that started standing out to me was the Creation,” Moore said.

“I would dig deep into scripture and see so much about the Creation there and then I would go be some place like in the Sierra Nevada Mountains in California or find myself eye to eye with a manatee in the Crystal River in Florida and realize the Creation continually builds my faith.”

The first season of the series will be divided into seven super fast-paced, informative episodes beginning with a special on wolves.

“The first episode is special because my first article ever published was on wolves and looking back I realized the Lord used wolves over the years to lure me into the career. The story is told on the episode and you get to see me interact with several wolves. It was awesome to film,” Moore said.

Over the last few months, he has filmed and interacted with everything from cougars to king cobras, the latter which had a huge impact on him.

“Wow, the cobra thing was just awesome. I had always heard cobras were an ‘intelligent’ snake so to speak and on the ‘Serpent in the Garden’ episode you to see a glimpse of that.”

The seeds for the series was planted when he filmed some video clips for a class of the same name he taught at Community Church last spring and summer.

“Community is my home church and I am one of the volunteer children’s ministers. I just love kids and I have found that when I bring my ferret to see them or a snake or turtle I can reach them in a unique way. That led to adding videos to my weekly lessons and then it snowballed into this full blown series.”

Moore said despite the fact the budget was entirely from donations from “very kind people in the local business and church community” it looks very professional and the content it strong.

“I am my own worst critic and although it’s certainly not perfect I have never been this excited about a project. If anyone loves wildlife, her or she will have an appreciation for this even if they are not a follower of Christ. And if they are it will help the Bible come to life in a whole new way.”

You can check out the series beginning Monday at You can log on now for a sample video and to sign up for a newsletter that announces each episode and gives access to exclusive content like behind the scenes footage and extended interviews.

“I am proud to still be writing and will always do that but this is the next phase of my career and I am proud to start here at home and do it in the name of the Lord,” Moore said.