(Orange, Texas)

February 9, 2014

May elections taking shape

Tommy Mann Jr.
The Orange Leader

ORANGE — The May 10 general election is beginning to take shape.

Several incumbents and new candidates have already started filing for places on the May 10 ballot for several city, school district and county elections. Below is the most recent information. The filing period ends at 5 p.m., Friday, Feb. 28.

City of Orange

Essie Bellfield has filed for re-election for her seat as the representative of District 3 and, thus far, remains unopposed. However, the at-large seat for Position 6 will be a highly contested race.

Incumbent Charles Guillory has filed for re-election to Position 6 and looks to be opposed by at least two challengers, Cullin Smith and Larry Spears Jr.

People interested in filing may contact City Secretary Rhonda Haskins at 409-883-1042 for more information.

City of West Orange

Three councilmembers have terms expiring in the City of West Orange this year, and two have already filed for re-election.

Incumbent councilmembers Shirley Bonnin and Michael Shugart Sr. have field for re-election, as of Friday, while fellow incumbent Dale Dardeau has not. No other filings have been reported. The seats are at-large position and any West Orange resident may file.

Also, the city will have the re-authorization of the its 0.25 percent tax dedicated for street maintenance on the ballot this year, and five charter amendments which council approved for placement on the ballot during Tuesday’s city council meeting.

Call Theresa Van Meter at 409-883-3468 for more information.

City of Pinehurst

In the City of Pinehurst, three seats are open for filing, including the position of Mayor.

Through Friday, only Mayor J.L. “Pete” Runnels has filed for re-election. Terms are also expiring for councilmen John D. Zerko and Ron Cowling Sr. Both positions are at-large.

Call the city secretary at 409-886-3873 for more information.

City of Bridge City

In Bridge City, the majority of incumbents have filed for re-election, including Mayor Kirk Roccaforte, as well as councilmen Mike Reed, Place 2, and Eric Andrus, Place 4. Councilman Danny Cole, Place 6, has yet to file for re-election and no opponents have submitted paperwork for a place on the May ballot.

Citizens interested in running for election may call Sherry Tisdale, city secretary, at 409-735-6801 for more information.

City of Vidor

Despite a lot of change in councilmen over the past few years, filing for Vidor city council seats is moving along a little slower this year.

Through Friday only Gary Herrera, Ward 5, has filed for re-election. Neither Jay Odom, Ward 2, nor Jason Woodard, Ward 3, have field at this time and no new candidates have come forward.

Potential candidates may call Vicki Watson, city secretary, at 409-769-5473 for more information.

City of Rose City

Rose City is expected to have some type of election this May with the amount of terms expiring and vacancies.

Three at-large seats are open for election this year as terms expire for Dorothy Barras, David Reese and Jayme McGlothin.

Also, a special election will be held for the vacated Mayor position, previously held by David Bush and currently held by appointee Bonnie Stephenson, and the vacated council seat previously held by Chad Landry.

No filings have been reported as of Friday by incumbents or new candidates. Interested citizens may call the city secretary, Tanya Veazy, at 409-769-6809.

City of Pine Forest

In the City of Pine Forest, located just north of Vidor, all three incumbent councilmembers have filed for re-election. This include Donald Lemp, Place 2; Kevin Singleton, Place 3, and John Wesley Brown, Place 4. No other filings have been reported.

Call the city secretary at 409-786-4100 for more information.

West Orange-Cove CISD

The West Orange-Cove Consolidated Independent School District has two seats available for filing on the Board of Trustees this year, and, thus far, only one candidate is registered.

Newcomer Ruth H. Hancock has filed for a place on the May 10 ballot in hopes of securing one of the two at-large positions. Neither incumbent, Tony Dallas or Andrew Hayes, has filed for re-election at this time.

Interested residents of the school district may contact Bonnie Tegge at 409-882-5500 for more information.


The Little Cypress-Mauriceville Consolidated Independent School District will have two seats available for filing starting this election, which are held by Randy McIIwain, Position 1, and Marlene Courmier, Position 3.

Neither incumbent has filed, nor have any challengers at this time. Call Lisa Ludwig at 409-883-2232, Ext. 2320 for more information.

Bridge City ISD

In the Bridge City Independent School District, Trustees Michael C. Johnson, Place 6, and Mark Anderson, Place 7, have both filed for re-election. No new candidates have filed as of Friday afternoon.

Interested candidates may contact Jean Magnuson at 409-735-1511 for more information on filing.

Vidor ISD

The Board of Trustees for the Vidor Independent School District has two positions open for filing this election and both incumbents, Kimberly Crossley, Position 6, and Michael Helms, Position 7, have submitted applications seeking re-election. At this time there are no opponents.

Interested candidates by contact Debbie Munoz at 409-951-8714 for information.

Several other county districts, which have elected officials, will hold elections this May as well. These districts hold elections every two years, in even numbered years, and terms are for four years.

Orange County Navigation and Port District

Three positions on the Orange County Navigation and Port District’s board are up for filing this year and incumbents Jerry Hughes, at-large, Keith Wallace, Precinct 1, and John Young, Precinct 4, have filed for re-election. No new candidates have filed at this time.

Interested candidates may call 409-883-4363 for information.

Orange County Drainage District

The Orange County Drainage District has three seats available on its board of directors this year. Terms are set to expire for Bill Dixon Sr., Precinct 1, and Karl Stephenson, Precinct 3, as well as the at-large seat held by Brent Peveto. No incumbents have filed at this time, but two new candidates, Hal LaPray and Woodrow “Woody” Dugas, have come forward and filed for the Precinct 3 position, which guarantees an election this May.

Potential candidates may call 409-745-3225 for more information.

Orange County Water Control and Improvement Dist. 1

Orange County Water Control and Improvement District 1 has three at-large positions open for filing this year.

Only incumbent Robert Viator Sr. is seeking re-election thus far, while the other incumbents, Billy Perkins and Tim Beard, have not filed. No challengers have submitted paperwork for a place on the ballot either.

Call the water district at 409-769-2669 for more information.

Orange County Water Control and Improvement Dist. 2

Incumbents David Richard and Tom Woolley have both filed for re-election for the May 10 election. At this time, there are no opponents.

Interested parties may call 409-883-4003 for more information.