(Orange, Texas)

February 10, 2010

St. Mary’s students celebrate Catholic School Week

Special to The Leader

St. Mary Catholic School is celebrating Catholic School Week this week.  Each class has been busy collecting 100 items for The 100th Day of School.  These items went to the Rainbow Room, Angela House, MD Anderson Pediatric Ward,  and even the Fire Department. 

The items collected were:

PreK3 Harmon, 100 cookies for the Fire Department; PreK4 Smith, 100 jars of baby food, PreK4 Lee, 100 jars of baby food; Kindergarten Thompson, 100 deodorants; 1st Grade, 100 bath towels; 2nd Grade, 100 13-gallon garbage bags; 3rd Grade, 100 kitchen towels; 4th Grade, 100 Diapers & 100 wipes; 5th Grade, 100 containers of Playdoh; 6th Grade, 100 paper towels & 100 razors; 7th Grade, 100 address books; 8th Grade, 100 greeting cards & 100 13 gallon kitchen bags