(Orange, Texas)

August 2, 2011

Leader proud of local districts

By The Orange Leader
The Orange Leader

ORANGE — Orange County school districts passed TEA marks as two were recognized academically and three were named acceptable.

Bridge City and Orangefield ISDs were the two recognized and West Orange-Stark, Vidor and Little Cypress-Mauriceville were all deemed acceptable.

This is somethig the districts can be proud of heading into the new school year.

There were two blimshes in Orange County as West Orange-Stark High School and WO-S Middle School were both declared academically unacceptable.

It is odd the elementary school was acceptable and the next levels fail to reach average marks.

This can now lead to problems for several years to come as the middle school students move up in grades.  The students will also face the STAAR test which has been said to be more difficult than TAKS.

It will be interesting to watch the new superintendent and principals push to correct this issue.

The school districts in our area are all bright spots in our community and we have great kids we are all proud they call our towns home.