(Orange, Texas)

August 31, 2011

Several new laws are just what our state needs in 2011

Orange Leader Opinion staff
The Orange Leader


Laws which passed through the state’s legislator become official today and it is high time.
Speaking of high, the most talked about one in Orange County is the sale of synthetic marijuana and the fake cocaine bath salts.
A vast majority of Orange County cities and the county itself made the sale of the items illegal yet it is great to see our state finally jump on board with this law.
These products have done significant damage to many lives in our area and now it will take a little more effort to obtain these now illegal drugs.
The drug problem is far from over with this one piece of legislation. Ronald Reagan started the war on drugs with his wife Nancy and it continues through 2011.
Feral hog hunting has a new twist today as helicopters can now be used to track these animals.
Besides the fact they taste great, these wild animals destroy anything and everything in their path. 
This new law will help and our Outdoors editor Chester Moore Jr. is more than ready to find a few feral hogs for his use.
Drivers under the age of 18 can no longer talk or text on their cell phones while behind the wheel. This law will hopefully improve wreck statistics and save lives.
Texting while driving is very dangerous and we hope very soon down the road it becomes illegal for all drivers.