(Orange, Texas)

September 22, 2011

Mosquitos are problem; county doing its part

The Orange Leader
The Orange Leader

ORANGE — California has earthquakes, Nebraska has tornados and unfortunately we in Orange County have mosquitos.

We have lots and lots of mosquitos.

Orange County is stuck between a rock and a hard place. The area needs rain to push back drought conditions yet the wet weather brings on the biting bugs.

Orange County officials have taken notice of the growing mosquito population and are doing their best to control the problem.

A total of 63 areas, 121,714 acres, have been sprayed either by ground or aerial pesticides.

Mosquitos are very annoying insects and can be dangerous when carrying diseases.

There have been no reports of disease activity in our area.

Residents cannot say county officials are not doing their part to curb the problem.

Mosquitos in Orange County will always be around and residents can take extra measures at home to cut back on the population by spraying yards and using repellent candles.

These pesky critters are here to stay yet we all can do our part in limiting any future problems mosquitos pose.