(Orange, Texas)

October 12, 2011

Sale of bath salts is disturbing

Orange Leader editorial staff
The Orange Leader

ORANGE — A death at any jail is always news media groups grab a hold of and publish for the public.

Robert Montano died while at the Orange County Jail early Wednesday morning and the Texas Rangers are heading up the investigation.

What Montano was arrested for is an underlining story which many residents in the state of Texas would have went away on Sept. 1 when new laws were put into place.

He was arrested on Oct. 7 for public intoxication and it was determined he was high on Bath Salts.

The fact Bath Salts are still readily available to customers is inexcusable.

A store in Port Neches recently was busted for selling the now illegal drugs.

It goes to show some store clerks and owners will do and sell anything for money.

It is hard to imagine money is worth selling this drug in a store, especiallly now since it is a state felony. It is like selling cocaine over the counter at a gas station.

Bath Salts have been linked to hundreds of deaths across this nation and it is time for even store owners to realize the ramifications of their sale.

It is high time store clerks use some common sense and stop the sale of these dangerous chemicals.

We understand local authorities are doing the best they can when cracking down on bath salts yet a new, stronger push on Bath Salts is needed.

We cannot keep having these types of arrests cost taxpayers money. We also cannot afford these drugs to continue to danger the lives of any and all residents.

The war on drugs is tough enough without store clerks to pushing Bath Salts out to willing customers.