(Orange, Texas)

January 27, 2012

OC schools are safe; yet it is time to practice safety steps

Orange Leader Opinion Page staff
The Orange Leader


Friday was not a good day for two local school districts.
It was reported Friday a student at LC-M High School a teacher was on administrative leave after it was learned they had an improper relationship with a student. 
Soon after it was reported by the Orange County Sheriff’s Office a “hit list” was found written in a bathroom stall at Orangefield High School. The student has been suspended and told authorities it was simply a prank.
These incidents are a cause for concern for parents and guardians of students yet it does not mean our schools are unsafe.
The first step in making sure these types of incidents do not occur again are talking to our students. Make sure students are aware of what is right and wrong. 
Students need to be reminded to tell a school official if they discover a teacher/educator or fellow student is possibly doing something wrong.
Local school districts in Orange County are known for safety and awareness and it is because of the roles parents and educators play in students’ lives.
Do not be scared to send your child to school but talk to them about being aware of their surroundings.