(Orange, Texas)

October 8, 2011

Recycling is perfect for county

The Orange Leader
The Orange Leader

ORANGE — Orange County's recent decision to get into the recycling business is great news.

Commissioner David Dubose is to be applauded for his work in getting four, 80-cubic yard dumpsters at the county landfill on FM 1442.

This is the start of something good for our the county and local cities, if citizens take the time to drive and recycle.

Recycling makes sense. Unfortunately it seldom pays for itself. Municipalities usually end up paying to have the recycled materials hauled away. The $6,000 annual cost for Orange County isn’t much in the county’s fiscal budget.  It is a good investment for the county.

Voluntary recycling programs like this are the way to go. They’re less expensive and allow individuals to chose to participate, or not. Mandatory programs always feel like big brother is controlling too much of our lives.

Future expansion of the program into the City of Orange is possible. But it shouldn’t be done if the cost is too high. Those who want to recycle can make the short drive to the county dump. We encourage everyone to help Mother Nature, our economy and our county by recycling.