(Orange, Texas)

October 5, 2011

Pipeline lawsuit will not be the only one

Gabriel Pruett
The Orange Leader

ORANGE — A lawsuit halting work on a 1,700 mile pipeline from Canada to Texas Gulf Coast refineries is bad news.

The lawsuit was filed early Wednesday by three conservation groups contends federal law was broken which allowed the pipeline operator to clear a 100-mile pipeline corridor through Nebraska Sandhills. It states it was started befor receiving approval.

Conservation groups are always looking out to preserve land and areas which need to be protected, and for good reason. We must continue to protect areas which are vital to life and outdoors ecosystems so that future generations can enjoy what we have enjoyed in our lives.

This lawsuit though is an attempt to block a project which could spur thousands of jobs and put money in some pretty bare pockets.

If this lawsuit is eventually called off, groups will surely find another way to try and stop this pipeline from being constructed.

We appreciate conservation groups in efforts to preserve life and ecosystems yet this seems as just another way to stop expansion.

This nearly 2,000 mile pipleline would put so many people to work in a time when jobs are hard to find.

It’s final destination here on the coastline was especially important to our area.

It will be interesting to see how long this lawsuit holds up and how long it takes for another to take its place.