(Orange, Texas)

February 9, 2013

Rumors of gangs stirring at LC-M HS

Dawn Burleigh
The Orange Leader

LITTLE CYPRESS — A self-proclaimed gang, Gatas, at LC-M has stirred rumors of gang activity at LC-M High School.

“There was a hoax on Facebook a couple of weeks ago,” Sherry Combs, Community Relations Coordinator at Little Cypress-Mauriceville CISD said. “It was blown out of proportion and an example of social media run amok.”

Reports an incident involving an assistant principal being struck in the face was an unrelated event and not part of the rumors of gang activity.

“The assistant principal was struck while breaking up a fight between two students,” Combs said. “The disagreement started away from school and the boys brought it to school.”

Combs said there is no problems at the school.

A fight at the school on January 14 led to Orange County Sheriff Department investigating a possible fight after school.

Sgt. Chad Hogan said the deputies stopped four carloads of kids on the way to the location.

There were approximately 15 teenagers in the cars and 15-20 more waiting at the location. A parent was at the location as well.

“The parent did not call the Sheriff’s Department,” Hogan said.

Hogan said that a few days after that incident rumors of guns being at the school started circulating.

“A gang is defined as a group that participates in criminal activity,” Hogan said.

The Gatas claim they have been a gang since they were in the eighth grade.

The Sheriff Department is monitoring their activity and taking a zero tolerance attitude.

“Judge Peck told them in court on Wednesday that if anyone  of them appear in his court again, he will fine them the maximum possible,” Hogan said. “We will work with the school and the judge to ensure the safety of the students and the staff at the school.”

Hogan said the Sheriff’s Department has increased their presence at the school and their number one priority is for the school to be safe.

“We will cite and arrest anyone involved in gang activity in order to combat the situation,” Hogan said.

Parents can assist by calling the Orange County Sheriff’s Department with any information of illegal activity.