(Orange, Texas)

November 3, 2013

Swing bridge repairs to begin Monday

Dawn Burleigh
The Orange Leader

BRIDGE CITY — Residents may need to find another route to work for the start of the week.

Repairs to the Cow Bayou swing bridge on East Roundbunch Road will begin Monday morning.

Crain Brothers Construction is repairing damage by a barge to the protective piling in the fender system.

“A tug was pulling a barge several months ago when it hit the fender system,” County Engineer Clark Slacum said during a phone interview.

The Bridge fender and protection systems are designed to protect the bridge from vessels transiting under or in the vicinity of the bridge.  The fender system is made up of heavy wooden timbers lashed and/or bolted together along with lights and other aids that are prescribed by the Coast Guard District Commander according to the Coast Guide Auxiliary National ATON-CU Study Guide.

The repairs are expected to take approximately three days according to a press release from Orange County Engineer Clark Slacum.

Slacum said the insurance company from the tugboat was paying for the repairs.

The bridge will be left in the open position to allow a work barge access to the damaged piling, preventing daytime traffic access.

Several broken piling will be removed and replaced with new piling.

Vehicular traffic will be restored each night after work ceases and will reopen for normal travel once repairs are completed.