(Orange, Texas)

September 16, 2012

Book Review: 28 Men Fell

Dawn Burleigh
The Orange Leader

ORANGE — The Stark ‘64 Veterans Association of Orange with American Legion Post 250 in Bridge City is raising finds for the Orange County Vietnam War Memorial through the proceeds from the sales of the book 28 Men: Casualties of the Vietnam War from Orange, Texas.

The book is approximately 58 pages and published earlier this year for the purpose of fundraising for a permanent memorial for those lost during the Vietnam War.

Each of the twenty-eight men Orange County lost is represented in the book with his name, rank, where he died, age, religion, marital status and well as when and where he graduated when possible along with a biography.

Seeing high school graduation photographs on the same page as pictures in full uniform show how quickly these young men matured.

The biographies of each man is moving. One gentleman is listed as leaving behind his unborn son. Another young man married his high school sweetheart 6 days before leaving for Vietnam. 

The reproductions of newspaper articles announcing the loss of a serviceman shows a glimpse into the history of the time.

28 Men: Casualties of the Vietnam War from Orange, Texas is the first time the information about the men Orange County lost during the war while keeping their memories alive.

The book is currently available at Luvs Lingerie in Bridge City and through members of the American Legion Post 250 of Bridge City/Orangefield.

The book is a collection of information, including pictures from Vietnam offering insight on what it was like during the conflict and is worth reading.