(Orange, Texas)

December 11, 2013

March Primary elections set

Tommy Mann Jr.
The Orange Leader

ORANGE — The Primary party elections are set and ready to go.

The filing deadline came and went on Monday evening with no changes or additions to the Orange County Democratic Party and Republican Party’s March Primary election lineup.

Each party will hold its respective Primary election on Tuesday, March 4, 2014.

The only changes to the list of candidates Zach Johnson, Orange County Republican Chairperson, has opted to not seek re-election.

“I had only anticipated doing this for one term,” Johnson said. “I will be graduating college soon, and I want to go off into the workforce, possibly, work with in the political scene in Austin in the state-wide level. I’m proud of where (Republican) party is right now and we are stronger than we have ever been.”

Two candidates have field for Johnson’s position, including Sheila Faske and Jerry Wilson.

Deborah Mitchell, the Orange County Democratic Chairperson, said there were no changes to the list of candidates for the party’s March 4th Primary lineup.

Here is the list of filings for March 4, 2014 Primary elections:

OC 260th District Court

Buddie Hahn (R)*

Orange County Judge

John Dubose (R)

Mike White (R)

Brint Carlton (R)

Mike Hamilton (R)

OC Court at Law

Mandy White-Rogers (R)*

OC Commissioner Prec. 2

Barry Burton (R)

Ron Cowling (R)

Jason Denman (R)

Ted Williams (R)

OC Commissioner Prec. 4

Jody Crump (R)*

Justice of the Peace Pre. 1

David Peck (R)*

Gail Shaw Barnett (D)

Justice of the Peace Pre. 2

Derry Dunn (R)*

Justice of the Peace Pre. 3

Janice Menard (D)*

Joy Dubose-Simonton (R)

Candice Conroy Steele (R)

Justice of the Peace Pre. 4

Rodney Price (R)*

OC Clerk

Karen Jo Vance (D)*

OC Treasurer

Christy Khoury (D)*

OC District Clerk

Vickie Edgerly (R)*

Kay Abbott (R)

OC Republican Chair

Jerry Wilson (R)

Sheila Faske (R)

* = Incumbent

R = Republican

D = Democrat