(Orange, Texas)

March 7, 2013

Our voices were heard

Dawn Burleigh
The Orange Leader

ORANGE — Orange County officials and agencies found Golden Triangle Days in Austin, March 3-5, very informative.

A challenge to the county is windstorm insurance and the lack of a competitive market.

“Windstorm damage happens everywhere, not just on the coast from hurricanes,” David Dubose, commissioner pct. 1 said. “To require our area to have a separate policy is not right.”

Dubose said the event in Austin was very informative.

“Senator Nichols discussed legislation concerning the road systems,” Dubose said. “Our Farm to Market roads are in need of repairs and this could address the issue.”

Executive Director Orange County Economic Development Corporation Bobby Fillyaw said he felt it was a very successful trip.

The topics discussed during the event concerned education, transportation, windstorm, tax and budgeting issues and natural resources, particularly water.

“There were over 350 in attendance,” Fillyaw said. “A large group was from Orange County. It was a particularly good turnout.”

Fillyaw said it let legislators know that Orange County is a key component in Texas.