(Orange, Texas)

March 28, 2013

Pinehurst pleased with Parkhurst’s progress

Dawn Burleigh
The Orange Leader

PINEHURST — City Administrator Joe Parkhurst has been reappointed for another year.

The Pinehurst City Council held a closed meeting to discuss the evaluation of Parkhurst as city administrator during the Tuesday meeting.

Councilman Dan Mohon said he was pleased with the progress Parkhurst has made with the city.

Mayor Joseph L. "Pete" Runnels said Parkhurst refused a raise because the city was not financially where Parkhurst wants it to be.

“I am extremely pleased with the progress he has made,” Runnels said. “He has worked in many different fields over the years and excelled in each of them.”

Parkhurst was informed last year that he would have to accept a pay raise after refusing one the year prior.

“He may have to be forced to accept one next year,” Runnels said.