(Orange, Texas)

October 14, 2009

Orange woman defends herself

Debby Schamber

An Orange woman defended herself and her children by striking an intruder with her fist which caused him to flee the residence.

According to reports from the Orange Police Department, the 30-year-old woman heard someone outside her residence about 3:30 a.m. Sunday located in the 2200 block of Rio Grande Street. She reported to police he had called her name and she recognized his voice.

But, she did not want him there at the time and did not reply to him. She had hoped he would give up and go away. A short time later she heard a noise from inside her residence. The man is believed to have entered the house through her garage door which was being repaired at the time.

The man entered her bedroom and pulled the covers off of her, according to reports.

She told police she believed the man was “high on narcotics” and that he was “wound up.” She reportedly struck the man in the head with her fist in an attempt to keep him from doing anything further to her or her children. The man then left the residence through the back door.

The woman advised the officer she wished to pursue charges against the man.

Man takes a stroll in his front yard, is nearly run over

A 29-year-old Orange man was nearly run over Saturday about 11 a.m. as he walked in his front yard in the 1000 block of 13th Street.

According to reports from the Orange Police Department, a gray Honda Accord driven by a female suspect allegedly attempted to run over him with her vehicle. The suspect drove through the grass allegedly striking him with her front bumper and injuring his left knee.

Customer goes shopping for free

On Saturday evening a customer at Kroger, which is located on 16th Street, went grocery shopping, but failed to do one little thing— pay for it.

According to reports from the Orange Police Department, the suspect loaded a shopping basket with assorted meat and walked out of the store without paying for the items.

Officials are hoping the video surveillance camera has caught the thief in the act. The manager of the store is assisting investigators with information on the theft.

Kroger officials reported they will prosecute anyone involved in the incident.

Debby Schamber is a reporter for the Orange Leader. She can be reached at 409-883-3571 ext. 2609 or at