(Orange, Texas)

January 24, 2013

Business owner fights back against communications giant

Tommy Mann Jr.
The Orange Leader

ORANGE — Liz Hogan is standing up for what she believes in.

Hogan, along with her uncle, Charles Winter, spent much of Tuesday afternoon pacing the sidewalk in front of the Shell station on Edgar Brown Drive holding signs in protest of Time Warner.

Hogan is in battle of wills against the communications giant because she believes she is being treated unjustly.

“They’ve been charging my small business for phone lines I don’t use and for bad service,” Hogan said. “And they know I’ve had service issues because they have all of my calls for the last several months documented.”

Hogan had entered into a contract with Time Warner and had been calling to have the lines removed in order to lower her phone bill, but the telecommunications company has offered to let her pay her current bill of approximately $1,700 in order to become current and create a new contract.

Hogan is the owner of the Liz Hogan Agency and is an Allstate  Insurance agent serving residents and businesses in the greater Orange area. In hopes of resolving the matter, she even hired legal counsel to rectify the matter.

“Hiring an attorney really didn’t do anything,” she added. “If anything, it made the situation worse. I can’t get my business phone number from them until I pay them the $1,700. They are holding it hostage basically.”

She has even signed a contract with another carrier, but she cannot transfer her business phone number until the debt is cleared or the issue is settled.

Hogan said she has spent thousands of dollars in advertising through billboards, coffee cups, phone books and media outlets and now she cannot transfer that number to another carrier because of the current situation with Time Warner.

“I know this isn’t really going to help, but it makes me feel good,” Hogan said while holding her sign. “It’s the principal of the matter for me. If we don’t standup, what’s going to happen? They will just keep running over everyone.

“We’ve had a lot of support from people as the drive by and honk,” she added. “People aren’t happy with them, and I think they are glad to see us taking a stand.”