(Orange, Texas)

December 22, 2012

Back to work everyone

Gabriel Pruett
The Orange Leader

ORANGE — If someone did not go buy that special someone a Christmas present hoping the Mayans were right, skip reading this article and head to a store.

There has been a buzz for many years now Dec. 21, 2012 would be the last day of life as we know it on this planet.

The Internet has been swirling with predictions and the History Channel, along with several other stations, used the opportunity to build hours of shows related to the topic.

Yet here we sit on December 22 and everyone must get back to work and back on with their lives.

Predictions the Mayans had seen the coming of the end were wrong. Dead wrong.

“Hey I was ready if it really was the end,” resident Blake Durso said. “If it was going to happen early Friday morning I would have been at work on our pink shirt day. I would have been wearing a pink shirt for the end of the world. It really was not how I wanted to go out.”

Instead Durso, like many of us, headed back to work Friday and Saturday to get jobs done some thought would not exist.

However, there are some who think the Mayan calendar was really predicting a new era of life.

A time where out with the old, in with the new will actually take place.

“We need that to happen,” Durso said. “That would be better than the end of the world.”