(Orange, Texas)

September 7, 2013

Health Scores

Dawn Burleigh
The Orange Leader

ORANGE — Ming’s Buffet, located at 840 North Main Street in Vidor, is reopened after being closed since approximately 1:30 p.m. Wednesday. The restaurant was closed after dead mice and sticky traps covered with German roaches were discovered during a health inspection. The establishment contacted a pest management company and started cleaning on Thursday. The restaurant, found to be in compliance by the Orange County Health Inspector and the City of Vidor Code Enforcement, reopened approximately 11 a.m. Friday.

A complaint was filed against Domino’s Pizza located at 2380 Texas Avenue in Bridge City concerning the kitchen/prep areas as being too warm. An inspection by the heath inspector discovered the air conditioning unit was keeping the areas cool. The management was advised to make sure all the employees keep the foods at safe temperatures. The restaurant received a score of 97 out of a possible 100 during the inspection for several live and dead German roaches and flies found throughout the establishment. Health code regulations do not have a set temperature for an establishment. An inspector checks that foods for sell to the publc are at safe temperatures. The resturant would have had demerits If employees were seen sweating while preparing foods for public consumption.

The Donut Palace, 11258 Highway 12 in Mauriceville, was advised to get more coolers after discovering six cases at room temperatures. The inspector was told by an employee that the eggs were delivered that morning and would be stored in a cooler at home according to notes on the inspection report. The shop received an 81 out of a possible 100 during the inspection. Other demerits are sausage found at unsafe temperatures, kolaches found sitting on shelf of freezer door, using the same pan liner multiple times, and black mold found at the sinks.

Other scores include:

• Chef Leo’s China Bistro

345 North Main Street


Score: 97

• Comfort Inn

2321 Highway 62 South


Score: 93

Demerits are for no water at the hand-washing station.

• K-Dan’s Super Foods

9604 FM 105


Score: 93

Demerits are for the store name and address needed on all bags of ice sold and a fan motor in need of repair inside the meat market.

• HEB Pantry #035

2424 16th Street


Score: 97

Demerits are for the shelves under the milk cooler in need of being cleaned of old milk and flies.

• Kwick Stop Valero

1555 16th Street


Score: 93

Demerits are for bait shrimp being stored above bags of ice and motor oil stored above pet foods.

• Flava-Foods at Lamar-Orange

410 Front Street


Score: 97

• Get N Go #2

2419 16th Street


Score: 93

Demerits are for bait shrimp stored above frozen foods, and mold/slime found on the slushi machine.

• Muddy Water Marina

2100 Dupont Drive


Score: 96

Demerits are for needing to date all foods inside the reach-in coolers.

The following location had zero violations and received a perfect score of 100:

• Glenda’s Bake A Cake

3300 Western Ave.

West Orange

• First Presbyterian Daycare

412 9th Street


• JB’s Bar B Que

5750 Old Highway 90 West


• The Garden District

7536 North Highway 87


• Family Dollar #10335

3695 North Main Street


• Cakes Plus

7763 Lamurel Willey Road


• Burger Town

6223 West Roundbunch Road


• Cardinal Ice Cream

985-C West Roundbunch Road

Bridge City