(Orange, Texas)

March 4, 2014

Dubose, Carlton headed for run-off in May for OC Judge

Tommy Mann Jr.
The Orange Leader

ORANGE — A run-off election will be needed to decide the next Orange County Judge.

Tuesday was election day across Orange County as voters cast their ballots in the Orange County Republican Primary and Orange County Democratic Primary elections.

Arguably the most anticipated race in the Orange County Republican Primary was the contest for Orange County Judge which featured four well-qualified candidates, Mike White, Mike Hamilton, John Dubose and Brint Carlton. Following Tuesday’s results, a run-off election will be required on May 27 between Dubose and Carlton

Dubose led the way with 2,679 votes and was followed by Carlton with 2,137. Hamilton obtained 1,809 and White had 1,702.

"I had people telling me late Monday that I wouldn't even make the run-off," Dubose said after the results were announced. "I'm quite happy and pleased with the vote."

Dubose said the whole county has changed its position over the past several years, and he believes that change of thinking has helped him advance to the run-off in May.

"I've always been a conservative voter, and my actions when I was on commissioners court reflect that," Dubose added. "I plan on getting out and working hard to secure the votes and I look forward to winning the run-off election and serving as the next Orange County Judge."

Carlton was equally as pleased with the results and already setting his sights on May 27.

"I'm very happy, and humbled, with the results and that so many citizens in Orange County thought enough of me to give me their vote," Carlton said. "I didn't know what to expect going into this election, but I feel fortunate to be in the top two and heading into a run-off. We'll get ready and do it all over again in May."

A four-person race for Orange County Commissioner in Precinct 2 will require a run-off election in May as well as Barry Burton and Ron Cowling had the majority of the ballots. Burton received 806 votes, while Cowling had 789. Ted Williams obtained 365 and Jason Denman received 354.

There was a highly contested race for the Republican nomination for Orange County Justice of the Peace in Precinct 3 between Joy Dubose-Simonton and Candice Conroy Steele. However, it was Dubose-Simonton who secured the majority of the votes by a count of 1,278 to 983. She will now oppose Janice Menard, the Democratic incumbent Orange County Justice of the Peace in Precinct 3, in November.
Other contested races in the Orange County Republican Primary included the race for Orange County District Clerk between incumbent Vickie Edgerly and challenger Kay Abbott. Edgerly secured the nomination by a vote of 5,031 to 2,904.
Also, the Orange County Republican Chairperson position was up for grabs between candidates Jerry Wilson and Sheila Faske, as current Chairperson Zach Johnson announced he would not seek re-election. It was Faske earning the nomination by a count of 4,473 to 2,811.
Several candidates were unopposed during the Orange County Republican Primary and will run unopposed in November as well. This includes Buddie Hahn for Orange County 260th District Court, Mandy White-Rogers for Orange County Court at Law, Jody Crump for Orange County Commissioner of Precinct 4, Derry Dunn for Justice of the Peace in Precinct 2, and Rodney Price for Justice of the Peace in Precinct 4.
The Orange County Democratic Party did not have any contested races. Karen Jo Vance ran unopposed for Orange County Clerk and Christy Khoury was unopposed for Orange County Treasurer. Both women are unopposed by a Republican candidate for the November general election.
Although David Peck, incumbent Justice of the Peace in Precinct 1, ran unopposed in the Republican Primary election, he will face challenger Gail Shaw Barnett, the Democratic nominee who ran unopposed in the Democratic Primary, this November.
Orange County Judge
John Dubose      2,679

Brint Carlton       2,137
Mike Hamilton    1,809
Mike White         1,702
OC Commissioner Prec. 2
Barry Burton         806
Ron Cowling         789
Jason Denman       354
Ted Williams         365
OC Justice of the Peace Pre. 3
Joy Dubose-Simonton    1,278
Candice Conroy Steele    983
OC District Clerk
Vickie Edgerly*    5,031
Kay Abbott          2,904
OC Republican Chair
Sheila Faske        4,473

Jerry Wilson         2,811
* = Incumbent